Monday, August 08, 2011

Des Moines and Florida...Interesting Combination

This morning Frontier Airlines announced new Florida flights from Des Moines. Last year, AirTran start doing flying between the central Iowa city and Orlando International. Allegiant made moves to MCO to compete with AirTran, but then moved the flights back to Orlando Sanford, to reduce some costs. AirTran doesn't seem to be doing the route this season so Frontier stepped it up and will now compete with Allegiant.

This time is different, because Frontier will be matching the days and also compete on the Des Moines - Tampa route.

This is a win for everyone, any maybe even the airlines. The prices will probably drop once again. Des Moines, which has traditionally landed on the high priced airport list might be helped again. And it will force the airlines to really show why they are different and better.

It has been fascinating to see the expansion Frontier has had in DSM. We see double flights to Denver, more flights to Milwaukee, and now the Florida expansion all while seeing the load factors high and passengers pleased.

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