Saturday, December 23, 2006

Belize Culture Days

It is once again time for Nick's more than annual trip to Belize. This one is going to be different. Luby isn't living there anymore and we are going to stay a couple of nights in Cancun. I wasn't planning to take this January excursion. I have been attempting to save my money for a long trip this October. Luby called and said, "you are coming to Belize." I said I wasn't sure I had the cash for the trip, and initially declined the offer. He called back and said, "we are flying into Cancun, it will be cheap." I didn't think it would be a good idea for 10 more days in Belize, I was saving my vacation allocation and money for October. I looked online and bought a ticket for $171.00. I guess I am going to Belize.

I have a really great time in Belize. I eat the culture up. The first trip was in March of 2005 when the La Ruta Maya National Canoe race was going on. It was amazing to see the unofficial pastime in Belize covered with such depth. There were several hundred canoes in the race and we were part of the support team and set up camp for the very tired canoe-ers. I went back in November of 2005 during the Garifuna Settlement Days. This is the culture event of Central America. Hundreds of people dancing, drinking, and reenacting the arrival of the first Garifunas to Belize. We spent time in Hopkins village and Dandriga enjoying the scenes.

I have never been to too many "touristy" spots in Belize. Most of my time was spent with Luby and many of his friends. They showed me the hospitable Belize. They kept me away from the major hotels and spots where many come to just drink and look at the beach (which isn't bad either).

Thank you Luby, for introducing me to Central America and Belize.


La Ruta Maya Belize Canoe Race:

Garifuna Settlement Days:

** I am planning more Belize posts in the next few days in preparation for my trip.

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