Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Traveler Rite of Passage

In 2006 I traveled 123 different flight segments. I flew over 100,000 miles. I never had an in flight incident. That has changed. On Friday, February 2nd I was traveling back to Des Moines from Mobile, Alabama when things went awry.

We were quickly approaching Des Moines International Airport when we took a sudden turn. The captain came on and said we were "making and emergency landing, the flaps wouldn't open." The cabin was suddenly silent.

The flight attendant went through the cabin to have everyone make their seat belts tighter. She also got on the P.A. and told us how me might need to brace.

The captain came back on the P.A. and said that there would be emergency vehicles at the end of the runway, and "to expect a very bumping landing and a quick stop." The flight attendant immediately told all the passengers that the had been through a landing like this and there was nothing to be afraid of.

We made our final approach, I said a quick prayer. The Canadian Air Regional jet I was on made two bumps, and then the breaks were applied. It took the entire runway to completely slow down and stop. The cabin started to clap.

I have been waiting for a situation like this. Other people I know have been through similar and often more serious incidents. Hopefully I will fly another 100,000 miles or 100 segments before anything else could happen. I guess I have successfully passed a 'Rite of Passage.'

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