Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Flying Tips

Summer vacations are just a few weeks away, so I thought it might be useful to share some tips so you won't create any headaches.

1. Check-in online. With airlines cutting capacity, flights will continue to be very full. If you are the first to check-in you might just get a seat.

2. Read TSA regulations. Go to www.tsa.gov and check out what you need to do when arriving at the airport.

3. Walk Fast. If you are on an international arrival make sure you move quickly. Getting close to the front of the line can enable you to get through customs and immigration faster. Those lines can be long.

4. Call the airline. If your flight has been cancelled and there is a line from London to Los Angeles to rebook call the airline while you wait. They can often rebook you on another flight that has seats available. If in Chicago O'Hare flying on United go towards B16 where you will find the lesser used terminals to rebook flights. Check out this website to get the numbers - Airline Toll Free Numbers

5. Check out Seat Guru. Don't let the airline book you on a middle seat. Use this website to find out the best seat for you!

Safe travels this summer!

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