Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thoughts...Memorial Day

Memorial Day is very special to me. When I was a child I accompanied my Grandma Donna to several of the local cemeteries to visit relatives that have passed. It was fantastic for me to hear about them, and learn about the origins of my family.

The Chariton Fire Department, in which my father was a member for many years held an annual memorial service to remember all of the firemen that have died. They placed live flowers on each of the graves, said a few prayers, and played taps. It was always a magnificent way to begin a Sunday.

This year I was off in Dubuque and couldn't make it to the grave sites. However, we decided to take th scenic route back to Des Moines and stop by Blairstown, Iowa where many of my mother's family are buried. I was most interested in visiting the grave of my Grandma B who passed in February of 2001. She made a deep impact on who I am today and the type of man I want to become. She knew hard work, she knew how to laugh, and most importantly she knew how to learn. It wasn't until a year or so ago that I was able to visit the grave without a big cry. I miss her so much but know her spirit lives on in me.

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