Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Train Travel - United States

I have been on many trains, but only once in the United States (as long as subways aren't included). When I was younger and in Scouts we took AMTRAK from Creston to Ottumuwa, Iowa. The 75-mile trek make a surprise impact on my life, but I haven't taken AMTRAK since. This month I have been thinking alot about train travel. So I explored more.

The Acela train is VERY popular on the east coast from Washington D.C. to New York and beyond. This high speed train makes it simple for long range commuters without the hassle of airports.

AMTRAK covers most of the country. In Iowa I could take the California Zephyr across the southern part of the state all the way to San Francisco with several stops along the way. I looked up a one way fare, it was about $142.00 which is sometimes less than a flight and further discounts for students and seniors.

There are popular routes from New York to New Orleans and Los Angeles to Seattle that could make your next vacation quite enjoyable and different. I am thinking an true 'Train Trip' is on my horizon.

In nearly every state you can take a shorter train trip on scenic railways. In Iowa you can check out the BOONE AND SCENIC VALLEY RAILROAD. It travels through a very beautiful section of the state and can include a meal.

In Vermont, check out the GREEN MOUNTAIN FLYER that travels in different parts of the state. The train is a vintage diesel locomotive that travels through the Vermont countryside. Which is BEAUTIFUL!

Down in the Carolinas in the Great Smokey Mountains consider the GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS SCENIC RAILROAD. This train takes visitor through the mountains, creeks, and villages. Some of the treks also enable visitors to do some shopping, grab a snack, or tour museums.

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