Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moving Homes in Montana...

I have finally visited Montana. I have been waiting to see "Big Sky Country." The motto serves the state well. Montana was a bit of a stop off point for me. I was on my way to be good buddy (or brother from another mother) Greg's wedding in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and Great Falls was the best priced flight.

I arrived in Great Falls on a beautiful early afternoon. I immediately check into the hotel and tried to figure out why they call it Great Falls. The Missouri River goes right though the town and I was able to find several different falls including Black Eagle Falls and Dam as well as the Louis and Clark Interpretive Center and finishing up at Rainbow Falls.

It was crazy to see these falls, the were huge. The Missouri River was very wide on this part of the country and there were great spots. I was also impressed by the interpretive center and the running trails along the river.

After checking out a few of the falls, I headed over to the Ulm Pishkun. I wanted to see the Buffalo Jump and maybe get a short walk in. I was driving up the dirt road and saw flashing lights coming towards me. Then a 'Wide Load' sign. Something was up. Then, appearing in the late afternoon sun, across a small hill was a house coming right towards me. One of the men working on the house moving project told me to speed up so they could take a turn. I sped up, trying to get far away from the moving house. Because of where it was coming from, I wasn't able to actually see the buffalo jump, but saw some great plains and a very quiet environment.

This area of Montana was great. I would love to move further west and see some of the mountains or Glacier National Park, but that will happen on my next trip. If you get the the chance to take a rural trip, think about Eastern and Central Montana.

Ulm Pishkun
Great Falls
Great Falls Tribune
Hampton Inn - Great Falls
Great Falls Airport

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