Sunday, November 04, 2007

Please...Please...Please...Frontier Come to DSM

Dear Frontier...

Des Moines needs you. We are suffering. The city is growing. It is becoming more cosmopolitan. It needs good air service. Frontier, Des Moines needs you. There are hundreds of people that go to Omaha and Kansas City to take flights on your airline and others (like Southwest). You keep things less expensive. You foster growth. You create more value. We need you.

I was happy to see you added services to Sioux City, Wichita, and Rapid City. Those cities deserve you. But Des Moines is suffering from a culture and thought that all the flights here are expensive. United has direct services to Wichita and Des Moines. A roundtrip in February from Wichita costs $285.00 on United. A similar direct flight from Des Moines costs $429.00. Wichita is less expensive because of you. More people fly when the price is right. We need you.

Help us Frontier. We need more flights, we need less expensive flights. We need you.


A Des Moines Flyer

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