Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Travel News for the Week...

Mergers Good for Customers?
The airline industry is trying its best to consolidate. While they will reduce costs, increase shareholder value, and make the companies operate more efficiently it will also cause huge increases (in already increasing) travel costs. We will see what happens.

Stingy Airlines

Trying to get some kind of refund for messed up travel is almost impossible. But there are ways to fix the issue and this columnist can help you out. Hmmm, I might need to contact him.

Get Off the Plane!
When there aren't enough flight attendants it is a good idea to get off the plane. I have scored several vouchers that have helped with later travel. Well Pacific Blue was down a flight attendant and needed to off-load a few people, but that turned out to be very hairy.


New Zealand has some great spa opportunities, and we here in North America need it. Today the day started at 45F and is now 8F and falling further. I really need to jump into a hot pool of spa water.

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