Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend Travel News...

Here are a few things I have picked up during my research this week...A bit of good, travel news...

Snakes on a Plane, For Real?
A Thai Airways flight from Vietnam had a snakes in the cargo hold, scary.

Updated Air Traffic Control Standards
The Air Traffic Control System in the US dates back to the 1950's. There have been lots of discussions about an upgrade of the system. And this might make things better.

Money Never Ending? Try Heliskiing...
If you have some cash and want to spend it, there is a fairly new adventure sport called heli-skiing. It looks fantastic!

Wanna Dangerous Trip? Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somolia?
I want to go to places like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan someday, but right now NO WAY. I would rather risk going to other countries that are somewhat stable. But this article explains the risks.

Money Saving Family Vacations
You can take a trip and save some money. There are several suggestions in this article but the last one about air-conditioner making you save gas $$$ might be wrong, it takes extra fuel and efficiency to run the thing, at least according to my grandfather who was a mechanic for 50 years.

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