Sunday, February 03, 2008

Urban Travel Legends...

Travel is a game, and many frequent travelers keep secret details of how to navigate the system. There are many airline rules that vary at each airline. But there are a few rules that are true urban legends.

Rule 240
Whenever a flight is canceled or seriously delayed you would simply ask the gate agent "Rule 240" and you would magically put you on the next flight out of the airport. No matter what.

There isn't a Rule 240 anymore. It used to be part of the Civil Aeronautics Board regulation that required airlines to immediately place you on another flight, regardless of the fare you originally paid. It went away in 1978 when deregulation occurred.

Today, carriers set their own rules, and Delta, United and Northwest have made "Rule 240" their proprietary contract terms. Funny guys.

Dress Up and Get Upgraded
If you wear the best clothing, you will get an upgrade to first or business class. Well, airlines don't give out free upgrades anymore. With the huge databases carriers can find their best, and most profitable customers.

Hacking Key Cards
Since hotels have switched from metal keys to plastic key cards there have been rumors that hotel clerks can take credit card information off of the key once you check out and creating a mess.

Hotels can encrypt the key cards with credit card information but they rarely do.

If you still don't believe it, take the card with you. Hotels don't require you to drop off the card and can't take information off of it if they don't have it.

Dirty Hotel
There have been rumors that maids are washing coffee cups with toliet water. They have said using a black light identified many germs, bedbugs, and parasites.

Hotels are known for underpaying the housekeeping staff, and using unsanitary shortcuts to get work done. Interesting.

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