Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I Like United...

I don't hide the fact that I prefer United Airlines. They have most of my frequent flier miles. I have Premier Executive status. I love Economy Plus. And I also love the fact that on mainline flights you can listen to the pilots and air traffic controllers on Channel 9. Well it sounds like that may soon come to an end.

I remember being able to listen on delays for wheels up time before it is announced to the cabin. How there might be some upcoming turbulence. And even a few crazy air traffic controllers (in a good way).

There have been fewer and fewer flights where the pilots have turned on Channel 9. And many believe that this trend will continue until the service is no longer available. Pilots are worried about people 'judging' there performance. I don't see a problem with this. Most places you work have some sort of customer performance metric to judge raises, promotions, and such. Why not for a pilot and flight attendants. It would make them better, the airline better, and customers much happier.

I fly United tomorrow. I hope Channel 9 will be turned on.

United Channel 9

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