Saturday, March 01, 2008

Travel Thoughts...

I have come across a few articles of interest. Here are my thoughts...

Coming to America isn't Easy
I have complained about the trials and tribulations of getting through US Customs and Immigration. But, visitors have more issues with being photographed and having to be finger printed. This article is great from the US visitor point of view.

Death On Planes
There have been a rash of highly publicized deaths on flights the last couple of weeks. A woman on an American Airlines flight from Haiti to New York and a co-pilot from England to Cyprus. Well there is not mention in the stories about the effect on other passengers.

Green Flights Mean Cheap Airfares

Virgin tested a biofuel powered airplane this week and there is talk if fuel costs go down with the new types of fuel will bring down the cost of fuels.

Airline Enhancements

United and US Airways have added 'enhancements' to the baggage policy where they charge $25.00 for checking a second bag. This article really shows how airlines are PR machines like every other company to make things that will be bad for customers look better.

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