Monday, April 07, 2008

Good By Skyway...

I flew up to Milwaukee for a party this weekend. Something happened I wasn't expecting. It wasn't a bad hangover or even jail time. It was the last Skyway flight from Des Moines and one of the last in company history.

Midwest Airlines made the decision in January to switch its regional flying from Skyway Airlines to Skywest. That meant lots of lost jobs in Milwaukee. There was something strange in the air when I got to the gate. All the local Skyway employees were holding cameras preparing for the final fight.

I got on the flight and the pilots and especially flight attendant were especially emotional. She said it was the entire crew's very last fight for the airline. There are many looking for jobs. Some have taken positions with Skywest, Compass Airline, and in her case Air Tran. This little airline was like family. There were only 12 regional jets and a few turbo props, so everyone knew each other.

I had a lot of compassion for the crew. I know how hard it was to experience a job loss. They were totally professional, and I know things will only be better for them.

Here are a few videos and photos from Skyway!

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