Monday, May 12, 2008

The Irving Song...

My uncle Tony sang this song about being and Irving at a recent funeral for my great uncle Billy...It made the audience laugh (you might need to know us to understand)...Here are the words:

The Irving Song

What does it mean to be an Irving,
It's a heavy cross to bear,
Seldom wrong ,and usually right ,
Our opinions we will share.

We usually love dogs and children,
In that order it's so true,
I 'm so proud to be an Irving,
There's no other name will do!!

And should you be married to an Irving,
In a little while you'd see,
Everything ,I have said about Irvings,
Is as true as it could be.

And don't ever try and change an Irving,
You couldn't change one if you tried,
There's no need to change an Irving,
We're already perfect ,that is why-y-y,
We're already perfect, that is why!!!

Words and Music by Tony Irving

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