Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Travel Stories...Random Thoughts...

Well most of the major airlines have now announced their impending fleet reductions. Northwest announced today. I am booked a business trip to Memphis yesterday for a trip in July. The roundtrip direct, airfare was somewhere around $769.00. I understand price hikes, but you can still do cross country flying for $288.00 roundtrip in Virgin America (or so it said yesterday). I still can't figure out why we aren't charged per mile flown?

Carry-On Crackdown
There is nothing more exciting than to see news everywhere that airlines and TSA are FINALLY going to crack down on carry-on baggage. People have been getting away with bringing far too much stuff on far too full planes. This crackdown should have happened years ago. I still haven't figured out why people need so much crap. I lived in Australia for months and only had a backpack and a small daypack.

Elite Flyers Ruining Travel?
This article had me doing some thinking. I think elite travelers are runing travel. They use their airline egos to act and speak more intelligently than what they really are (I am guilty). They think rules don't apply to them (I have seen this happen). They can be a pain in the butt. What do you think?

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