Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tough Stuff...Good Stuff...

What a crappy week it has been...Here are the highlights:

1. Tornadoes I was lucky to be in my third Tornado Warning in as many weeks and this one was the scariest. Two weeks ago, I was in York, Nebraska and a tornado caused some minor damage just outside of the city. Last week, Des Moines sirens were blowing and causing headaches. Finally, last night I was near Whittemore, Iowa where tornado sirens were once again blasting. Last night was scary, clouds were moving in many different ways, wall clouds were all over the sky, the lightning was crazy, there wasn't much rain (until much later), and there was an eerie stillness. Plus, the state is flooding and has affected so many, including those I am close to.

2. United Airlines They cut the LAX flight later in the summer, I was expecting it. Then today I got my email notice that I will luckily be safe from any baggage charges when they begin to assess $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second. But I feel sorry for many who will now have the fee. I understand the charges, we need to keep our airlines afloat.

3. Continental I wasn't surprised to see them drop the flight that didn't even get off the ground. Des Moines is one of the cuts made to Cleveland which will lose lots of services, including Omaha which also just started. I love the airline, but can understand the economics of the flight.

4. Triathlon Because of the flooding they have moved my big summer triathlon to a Run-Bike-Run event. I love swimming, and I am pretty good at it too. All that training has gone to waste.

Good Stuff

1. Vacation I am in DESPERATE need for some time off. We have been really busy this summer. On Tuesday, I booked a flight for a trip to Montreal for my buddy Dan's wedding. We were lucky to get the flights for a total of $184.00. We are flying into Burlington, Vermont to save about $300 each. I also used some of my car points and vouchers which will save lots of money.

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