Thursday, September 04, 2008

Being Home...

Of my nearly 29 years of life there are only two places that have felt so right for me. The first is whenever I have my backpack on. But more importantly, my love for Dubuque and Loras College.

My love for Loras wasn't at first sight. I was bored on my first visit in October of 1997, but that was due to a three day weekend for students. On my second visit in February of 1998 I was officially a DuHawk. When I came to campus, I felt God. He led me to the best friends of my life, a sprituality, and the ability to think.

This week I have been back in Dubuque for work. Yesterday, I headed over to the new Wellness facility for a workout (boy did that make me jealous of how the campus has changed) and I felt a tingly feeling. I missed the 'academic' atmosphere. Students, faculty, and staff always interested in learning about the world and its people. I also feel God everytime I look at the campus from the bank window or step near it.

I love being HOME. This place had a gigantic influence on the person I am today. It makes me follow what I love in life. It led me to my passion of travel. It has given me such a fantastic life.

Thank You Loras...Thank You God...

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