Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Best Thing About Economy Seating

Well, the trip has officially started. After goodbyes from family and being dropped off at the airport by Kevin, my parents, and Grandma Donna I have made it to New Zealand. The trip over wasn't without its dramas. The flight between Denver and Los Angeles ended up being late, which caused a rush when leaving the airport. When I got to Los Angeles, I forgot that when switching terminals you have to take a bus and then go through security again. So, when there were about 100 people lined up for the inter-terminal bus transfers, and no bus for 20 minutes I began to worry. It was about 8:15 p.m. and everyone still needed to get through the security lines. A bus did show up, I did make it through the long security lines, and I made it to the plane just before it was to start boarding.

I realized when I sat down in seat 62A of the Boeing 777 I was going to be in luck. Nobody was in the other 2 seats. I was more than excited, because I might actually be able to lay down on the nearly 13 hour flight. Someone did show up, but I was able to stretch out a bit with the middle seat unoccupied. That is the best part about flying in economy on a long haul, an empty middle seat!

Well I haven't done much yet. It took over an hour to get through immigration, customs, and biosecurity. Plus the bus ride from the Auckland airport to the ACB Backpackers where I am staying took heaps of time during the busy rush hour. Kevin will be impressed, there is a Starbucks, just a few meters down the street.

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Andy said...

what the heck irving - where is the website link for all the classy Belize news?