Friday, October 03, 2008

R.I.P - P.O.S.

At about 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 2nd, my beloved P.O.S. (Piece of Shit) took what might be its last breath. The beauty of a machine decided its transmission was ready for die. I was headed home on Interstate 80, just west of Des Moines, when she decided it was over.

I bought the P.O.S. when I moved back from Australia, almost 5 years ago. Previously, my cousin was its proud owner. It was meant to get me around and it did that well.

Its paint has been chipping, the air conditioner no longer worked, and it constantly made crazy sounds and smells. But I was proud of it, it was paid for, and it did its job.

People thought I was crazy for having such a car. They didn't feel it was safe. They thought it was ugly. They thought I could do better. But the savings I have realized on this P.O.S. helped me to save lots of money for all the travel I have done the last few years.

While, my life is going to be changing greatly over the next two weeks, it is something of the past I might have to leave behind. It is wonderful relic.

R.I.P - P.O.S. I will probably miss you.

NOTE: The exact issue might not be diagnosed yet. I am not sure if it will go to the salvage yard, or might be easily fixed. Pray for the mighty machine.

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