Thursday, October 09, 2008

Where Am I???

I am sitting down for a long layover here at San Francisco International Airport, on my way to a surprise weekend for most of the blog readers (for those of you that know, keep your mouth shut!). I have my camera in tow, and looking out at the main runway watching all sorts of planes take off - United, Virgin, JAL, Delta. It is a perfect spot for those of us who love watching the big machines take off.

This is my first visit to SFO. I believe besides JFK (JFK Airport in New York), SEA (Seattle), and MIA (Miami, but I have stayed near it) I have been to the larger hubs in the USA.

I am very intrigued by this city. I considered taking the BART out for a bit to at least give a taste, but I am sure Kevin and I will one day make it here (his cousin Paige lives in the Bay Area) at some point in the future.

Like I wrote, I am going to keep the photos I have taken so far, and the trip a secret (for the most part) and will touch base on Monday.

There goes Korean Air...

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