Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nick Update

There have been a lot of random things running through my head the last couple of weeks.


The hotel must really like the work I am doing, they have nearly doubled my shifts starting this week. Now, I am working about 1-3 mornings per week (6am-12pm) and then my regular 5 nights (5:30pm-12:00am) it is tiring but should really aid in my New Zealand travel budget.

Also, I forgot what it is like to work with teens to 20 year old. They are constantly drama filled and worn out from their long 4-6 hour shifts. It feels like a really good soap opera I am not involved in.

I can't believe I have been here for over a month now. Things have been really good so far, no major complaints. It has been fun meeting new people, and waiting for summer to start. Kevin and I have done some video chats and regular phone calls. There are times when I feel a bit isolated, especially knowing Thanksgiving is just a few days away, but I am doing well.

Mt. Tauhara
The beginning almost killed me, we had to stop a couple of times so I could catch my breath, but climbing it was great. Pete (my flatmate) and Braden (my mate) made the early morning trek. I should have a video up by Friday, we had such a great time.

I thought since I am working a lot more, it might be time to invest in a bike. Well, my investment was just a small one as Braden had an extra bike sitting around. It has reduced my commute time by about 10 minutes, meaning I can get a bit more sleep before my 5am alarm clock. It is hard getting up at 5am when I don't get off the night before until midnight.

Current Reading
I made a strong effort to finish a book I have been on forever. Dark Star Safari is about a trip he took overland from Cairo to Cape Town. He has some interesting adventures over a very dangerous area. Mr. Theroux drives me crazy, it seems the middle section of is books are very down and depressing and then he ends on such a great tone. I guess it is like a lot of travel, but he pisses me off way too much. Anyway, the book is finished and I am on to one of my favorite writer's new book Marco Polo Didn't Go There: Stories and Revelations from One Decade as a Postmodern Travel Writer it is collection of this writing that has appeared in online and print magazines. The stories are interesting, and really fun. I am only on the third story, but can't wait to read more tonight.

Summer Feeling
I think summer has arrived here. There are more sunny, hot days than cloudy ones now. Also, my allergies are in full force which caused me to stop by the pharmacy yesterday for some meds. One interesting point I have made many times, the sun here is much more powerful than in the Northern Hemisphere. You might look at a the temperature being 23C/73F and think not too bad, but the sun is much warmer than that and it loves to burn you up.

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