Saturday, April 04, 2009

8 Days...

I can't believe I have only 8 days left of work at the hotel and then it is off traveling. I can't wait. I will miss Taupo, and the friends that I have made here. But I have had some scattered thoughts about the town...

- I need to get a picture of the Karen Walker line of clothing. I knew she was a drunk, New York socialite, but I never thought of her as a New Zealand clothing designer.

- Last week was a perfect autumn week. Very sunny and warm during the day and near freezing at night. And the trees are starting to change colors.

- I did the Tongaririo Crossing last week, it wiped me out and I still need to get the video together.

- On my daily walk to work, I pass a Maori graveyard, it is really beautiful.

- Daylight savings time ended yesterday, the sun is going down way to early.

- I am going to miss seeing the sunset every night on the lake.

- I am SO proud of my state.

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