Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clever Marketing???

I get to see the Wicked Camper vans very day. I saw them in Taupo, I see them on the road, and even this morning I walked past one on my way to Te Papa. The same company has a site in Australia and are using clever marketing to get people to rent their vans. Show up nude, and you get a free day rental.

So far, hundreds of people have walked into the offices fully clad, gassed up a cheap van, and had their picture taken for the wall of naked backpackers.

Wicked campers are usually known for their spray painted, and sometimes racy vans, but this story is gaining a lot of attention around the world.

On their website there are 55 pictures of people showing up in the clad, don't worry their bits and pieces are covered on the website.

Most people know I would totally do this. So wicked.

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Jacinda said...

It is totally Wicked! We actually had some swedes in Australia complete a day long naked challenge with us; involving a dash across Brisbanes famous story bridge. Freedom! Planning a hire anytime soon?