Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Goodbye New Zealand!

In less than 24 hours I will be leaving the place I have called home for over seven months. I am having mixed emotions about leaving this great nation, but so glad I spent time here.

The way of life in New Zealand is wonderful. The people know how to work hard and smart, but like their personal time as well. Everyone spends their time outside, with friends and whanau, and love their sports.

Everyone is welcome in New Zealand, as they should be in the rest of the world.

A huge THANK YOU to all those who made my experience here perfect. Hopefully, our paths will cross again!

What I will miss about New Zealand…

- Burgerfuel
- Tamati Coffey
- Outrageous Fortune
- Diplomatic Immunity
- Shortland Street
- broTown
- Taupo sunrise and sunset
- Paw Paw Jam
- Grab-A-Seat
- Paul Henry
- No Ozone Sunshine
- Auckland International YHA
- Airbus
- Yummy lamb
- Feijoa
- Boy racers
- Sheep trains
- Huka Falls
- Internet bandwidth restrictions
- Tetrus on my phone
- Jip Jip Rock Shiraz
- Steinlager Pure
- Tui
- “Sweet As, Cool As, Cheap As, Kiwi As”
- Maori language
- IMAX Auckland
- Piha
- John Key
- People not wearing shoes or jandels in the summer

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