Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scattered Thoughts...

- The Thursday night lineup on NBC will make me fat.
- Getting ready to move has been theraputic. I have been going through things I haven't seen in years. I love seeing pictures of me from 1992.
- I have been working on a private video from the trip. It has been really difficult to watch some of the video.
- Does anyone else remember smells and sounds almost as vividly as sights when traveling?
- The snowfall makes me more excited to get to Tulsa.
- I am excited that 2 people have been helping me try to find housing in Oklahoma.
- I want to do a big trip at the end of this year. Any ideas?
- I might be the King of Organization.
- Two of my favorite people are going to be in Iowa for Christmas, I can't wait to see them. It has been 2 years.
- Goats are facinating.
- I miss my dog, Tuffy.
- Niue is great. It would be so warm today.
- One of my NZ friends and I did a video chat. He was wearing his togs and jandels. I was wearing my complete winter clothes.

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