Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Travel Nightmare

I hate a nightmare, especially when I lived it the other night. I was flying from DSM to MKE via ORD. I know, I should have flown a direct flight, but my company is cutting down on expenses and the direct flight was much to expensive. I was scheduled to leave DSM at 3:42PM for the short one hour flight to ORD on a B737-500. We sat on the plane until almost 7:00PM not going back to the gate, just sitting there, bored. When I landed in Chicago, I received a message that my connection was cancelled and I would be rebooked for a flight the next day. Interesting since my destination was only 75 miles to the north. Well, I got on a standby flight that ended up leaving ORD at 10:45PM landing in MKE around 11:30PM. I go to find my car, I am not on the board and have to go stand in line with only one person working and about 30 people looking for cars. It took almost an hour to get a car and I made it to the hotel at 1AM. To think I was supposed to be in my hotel by around 6:30PM. I should expect these situations, but it is so frustrating when I have to do this nearly every week. I am hopeful tomorrow will go a bit more smoothly. Cheers.

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