Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I am burnt out. I am so tired of traveling for work. I wish I had something that involved the travel I do, but I must travel and then work 50-60 hours. I am working on changing my focus, one that will make me excited about my job and traveling. I feel like sitting at home and "retiring" might be the best way to keep my sanity, but I think I want to be more productive. I will be spending some much needed (and I think deserved) time off during November and December working more on my blog, putting down some of the experiences I have online. I have been lucky to go all over the place, but a lot of the experiences and learning aren't down on the blog, they stay in my mind. During an amazing swim at the Madison West YMCA tonight I thought the pity party must change, I need to refocus and get ready to get back on enjoying the travel, enjoying the people I meet and not judging anyone. Let me know if you can help.

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