Saturday, November 25, 2006


I only did a short amount of traveling this week. To my hometown for family time. I was lucky to see a bunch of my out of town cousins, aunts, uncles, and others. It was also very special because we presented our parents with a gift certificate on Northwest Airlines for $725.00. It is in honor of their 30th wedding anniversary. They have been model for me in the special relationship they have. Sure, there are times they have issues but they seem to always work out. They are committed to each other and us (the kids). Anyway, we had a fantastic dinner complete with turkey, ham, desserts, vegetables, and of course grandma's homemade noodles. The party was so fun that it lasted all the way through an episode of Grey's Anatomy. We aren't a family that fights, or don't want to attend a family function. Everyone looks forward to chatting, hanging out, and eating.

I helped my parents out around the house finishing up some random projects (such as hanging the Christmas lights). Last night we headed out to the local bars (there are 3) and drank the night away with several people I know. It was fun, and we had some great conversations about our family and how lucky we are. You know, I am 27 years old and still have all my grandparents and have a beautiful relationships with them. I also have a great relationship with my cousins and aunts and uncles. I am blessed. So, I am telling the world about it.

Well, I am not traveling this week, so there might be a few adds over the next couple of days. Enjoy.

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