Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coming Full Circle...

Three years ago in September I went on my first business trip that required a flight. The two and a half weeks prior I had been in Europe. I went to Chicago on my first day back from vacation, and less that 24 hours after returning from Europe.

That was a great business trip. The meeting was held at a great spot downtown. We went to fantastic dinners, did some drumming, and stayed in a crazy hotel. I was so happy to be traveling with my new job.

Flash forward and I am now about to end my career with the same company. I have been traveling about 80% over the last two years. I have been to every state east of the Mississippi for work in those two years. I spent time at a lesbian coop fantastic vegetarian restaurant on the coast of Connecticut. I have dealt with a snowy drive through the mountains in Vermont. I rode a subway to Brooklyn for meetings. I sat on the beach after finishing work on Miami Beach. I am grateful that my company has let me travel to such fantastic places.

Next week will be the final time I travel for work. The desintation is Chicago. I am saddened I won't be seeing more of the United States. I am excited I won't have to deal with massive flight delays. I am going to miss my status on airlines, car companies, and hotels.

I am totally unsure of what my career has in store. I might still be traveling. I might move. I am totally confused.

Over the next couple of months this blog will change a bit. You will see more information about local and regional activities. I am excited to highlight what is happening in Iowa and the Midwest. They are both great places that everyone should know about.

I guess my time with the company has come full circle. Beginning and ending at the same place. I suppose that is closure. I think the next life journey is just ahead of me.

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