Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today was my last full day of work. It was also my last business trip. It ended up being the best one yet. My college buddy Steve offered to take me and my other buddy Jeff up in his Cessna around Chicago. On Monday we met at the airport to go high above the 3rd largest city in the USA.

First we had to take off. We left the small airport and the sky was perfectly blue and good Duhawks were in the right spots.

We made a quick stop at another airport to look at new hanger spots for the Cessna.

Then it was time to check out what was going on near the lake shore.

We then headed towards downtown Chicago.

Soldier Field was looking stately.

After that jaunt, we started climbing over Indiana. We had to get above 10,000 feet so that we could go above O'Hare airspace and get a good view of downtown from high above. Oh, and the the Cubs were playing too!

We then headed back to the suburbs so we could descend. It was beautiful.

And a picture perfect landing...

A HUGE THANK YOU TO STEVE AND JEFF!It was a memorable opportunity and I LOVED IT! It is so good to hang out with such devoted and fun Duhawks. Thanks Guys!!!

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