Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Put on a Happy Face...

Over the summer we have been hearing how much of a nightmare travel is. There are delays, full planes, cancellations. I have done my fair share of complaining during the last few months, but I think there is hope.

What should you remember about going on vacation? It should be the places you visit. It should be the mountain you climbed, the bike ride you completed, the surfing lesson that went well. There isn't a reason to complain about a huge delay or cancellation they are now part of life.

There is an analogy that has been popping in my head about this situation. There have been huge increases in home prices over the last few years. In many cases this has caused people not to purchase a home because the price is out of range. We never complain about it out loud. It could be because we consider homes to be an 'investment'. But for me travel is an investment. It is an investment in my mind, body, and spirit.

When I am traveling my biggest focus is the learn. I want to know more about the place I am visiting, whether that be the people, places, landscape, traditions. I also look for ways to improve my body. I want to work up a sweat on a trail or get on a surfboard or climb in an ice cave. I want my body to feel everything my eyes see, my nose smells, or my ears hear. Finally, it is important to me to find my spirit. I have spoken to many friends about how I have seen my God in the people I meet and the places I visit. I think of climbing a mountain in County Wicklow in Ireland and feeling the presence of a spirit. When I am diving and in a natural state of buoyancy I can't help but feel my God with me. When I am doing service working Belize there is God in the innocence of the children and adults.

Travel is such an investment.

I think that we should all appreciate the ability to travel and experience life. We shouldn't focus on a crazy delay and plan it into our travel schedules. Think about all the other parts of your travels.

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Chad said...

ROCK ON Nick!!! Great comments!!