Monday, December 31, 2007


There are a few things that are cheesy about New Years. This morning on the news I heard the meteorologist say "See you next year!" Very dorky. I read about resolutions that people make on the new year to do specific things. Dumb.

I am not against resolutions, or life changes, but why do they have to start on 01/01 of each year? I work part time at a fitness facility. I know that tomorrow when I go for my normal workout there will be tons of new members (or members restarting). They stick with it until about February 15th. When I was in high school and dealing with being overweight I knew it was time to change everything. I lost weight. I have fluctuated, but I have almost always tried to do some type of workout. I wish the people doing specific resolutions would keep with it!

One thing I do love about New Years is the reflection we all have. Most of us have time off to think about how life has progressed over the last 365 days. The good. The bad. The fun. The exciting.

For me, 2007 was a big transition year. I started a healthy relationship with a great guy. I was able to travel to Belize, Canada (2 times), complete a road trip with my best friend, and travel around the east coast and Iowa for work.

I had some physical triumphs. I completed and reached my goal in the Hy-Vee Triathlon while having a job where I traveled. I had my first real surgery as an adult (darn hernia). I completed Farrell's Extreme Body sculpting doubling my sit-ups and push-ups, finishing 1st in the 1.3 mile run all 3 times, and lost a few inches. I did have some down points. I gained weight during the surgery recovery. My irregular heartbeat (bradycardia) is back and there is a chance I might have a pacemaker installed.

With work, I spent more hours at my part time gig. I lost my main gig (thank goodness). I got a better job, but with less travel. I really had some time to think about my direction and save money.

2007 with friends and family have been great. I have a new nephew, new cousins, a very supportive family. I have left some friendships that were unhealthy, reconnected with old friends, and spent more quality time with everyone around me.

2008 is looking exciting. I have a HUGE announcement tentatively schedule for October 1st (some of you may already know about it). Kevin and I have trips planned to Europe, Canada, and Minnesota. We are going on more camping excursions (we finally purchased a camping mattress. I am planning to do 3 triathlons (reducing my time by 10 minutes, 3-6 runs, with more yoga and strength training. My friend Max has asked me to do a crazy oil protest in June. I am so excited about what is to come.

Thank you for your support of this blog. I look forward to a great year!

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