Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This Town is Buzzing...

Des Moines is buzzing. There are 2500 members of the media here. Big satellite trucks. Celebrities. Politicians.

I was downtown today and there was a huge area where CNN is doing the "Ballot Bowl." Interesting, and slightly boring.

I used to be heavily involved in politics. In 2000 and 2004 I saw all the candidates and in the caucus. I have also caucused for both parties. This year is different. We have dynasty candidates. Celebrity candidates. Rich candidates. Outspoken candidates. But nobody really wows me. They are all worried about the little things. The media focuses on small mix ups. We are BARRAGED with coverage and commericals. I am ready for January 3rd to be gone. I am tired. I am ready to cast my vote in the caucus and be finished with it. I am ready for our lives to get back to normal. I want Hy-Vee commericals back.

Although I don't see candidates I totally believe in I will caucus. I want everyone out there to get out and do the right thing. I want the candidates to act less like politicians and more like people. I am ready for normalcy.

Good Luck Candidates.

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