Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Secret...Revealed...

I thought of a great Christmas present for my boyfriend. We were going to go on a secret trip somewhere. I thought about Palm Springs, Florida, Arizona, and Central America. The prices were decent. Then I looked for flights to Europe. Very cheap. It was time for a long weekend in a country that neither of us know the language. I booked the tickets last Friday. Called my parents and told them of the 'Secret Trip'. They said it sounded nice. We went to dinner on Friday night and almost as soon as we walked through the door the question was "When do you guys leave for Munich?" I had a moment of rage. The secret was out. Kevin got excited. I was then happy. His parents are jealous. I can't wait for the trip.

Well, the flight deal was TREMENDOUS! I bought the roundtrip fights on United for ONLY $459.00 each! It was more expensive to fly to Chicago than Munich during the same time period. And with using $500.00 worth of vouchers it will be a very inexpensive trip. YEAH!!!

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skb said...

And as if you weren't excited enough, Munich was named 17th on the New York Times' list of "53 Places to Go in 2008." It's here:
I'm jealous of your trip, but I will be less jealous if you bring me a present. My birthday is coming up, after all.