Sunday, December 09, 2007

Late Night Bag Arrivals...

On Friday I came across a blog by Don Teague about a late arriving bag to his home. It reminded me of a time when I was spending three weeks in a row going back and forth between Des Moines and Columbus, Ohio. All three weeks I was connecting at gates C1-C7 (United Express) which are all very close to each other. Every week my bag didn't make it even with an hour and a half connection time and being only a couple of gates apart. I was mad. The woman at the baggage counter in Des Moines even remembered me and couldn't figure out why this kept happening. I ended up calling United, and they gave me a $100.00 voucher for a future flight. That definately helped out. I just know the frustration of getting a bag in the middle of the night, it is horrible customer service. So, here is Don Teague's story from MSNBC.

3 a.m. Home Invasion

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