Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Here is what is happening...

The blog posts have been a bit sparse lately....So I have some reasons why:

1. The New Job...I have been working quite a bit trying to understand the new job. The scope is bigger, more knowledge is required, and the schedule varies a lot.

2. Health...My good ole irregular heartbeat is back. Tomorrow I have to go back in and wear an event monitor for 30 days. YEAH. There is a chance that a pacemaker could be required.

3. Holidays...Well there are lots of family events going on and they are taking a lot of time.

4. Car...My car is giving me fits. Darn fuel filter.

So...I have something big that will soon happen. I found my old journal from when I lived in Australia. I have a great story about a trip to Port Stephens where I got to know a man that has become one of my best friends and an experience that defies words...

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