Sunday, January 20, 2008

Its Sunday...Here is a bit of politics...

If you don't want to hear a bit of something about politics, then skip this over.

There was an article in the Des Moines Register this morning about the gay couple that was married last year here in Polk County. I really appreciate them because they aren't they type of gay couple you see in the media. Homosexuals are in all parts of society they love theater, they love sports, they love the gym, they love music, they work in office building, they work in schools, they work in churches, they work on construction sites. They are in all parts of our culture. Homosexuals are less of a threat than the US government. They don't diminish society, they only enhance it. Homosexuals force the entire country to open their minds and realize homosexually wasn't created by an up-bringing or the devil. As long as we are going to have benefits for married couples we need gay marriages.

Anyway, enjoy the article...

Pair Reflects on Months as Married Couple

Enough politics...enjoy the weekend...Go Patriots!

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