Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go Hippies...

I have watched many seasons of The Amazing Race. It is the type of show where you need a huge dose of luck and some very special skills. This weekend was the finale. The three teams that remained each had their own reason for being on the show. My favorihttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifte team was TK and Rachel. They did a fantastic job of keeping a very level head and taking obsticles with a positive angle. In the next to last event they were sidetracked by a flight with too many connections, and came in dead last. However, it was a non-elimination round and they were saved, but had extra work the next day. They ended up in second place, even with a late start and detour and finished in first at the end. I was screaming at the television because the nice team, the calm team, the team with good karma with the other groups came away in first place. I regrettable watched the finale for Survivor earlier this year and the winners always seem to be the people that work the system the best, cheat, lie and aren't genuine - as was the case with Survivor.

So, TK and Rachel - CONGRATULATIONS...You are a model for us all!

Amazing Race

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