Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel News for the Week...

Here are some http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifinteresting travel tidbits...

Canada Considers Alternative to Passports

Canada is going to test drive a new system to bypass passports. The new high tech drivers license could be an alternative to passports to cross the border by sea and land. British Columbia will be the test site for the project to ease future border concerns when everyone will need a passport to cross the border.

Online During a Flight?

American Airlines is rolling out its new high speed internet system during transcontinental flights on its Boeing 767. There is a catch, it should help the bottom line with another fee charged. And what about not offending the people sitting next to you? Hmmmm?

Stranded on a Mountain in Africa?
500 tourists were stranded on Table Mountain in Africa. There were people on the mountain in even in cable cars. SCARY! The reason for being stranded, the electricity was cut. They are having issues with infrastructure in Africa, BE CAREFUL!

Bill of Rights?

Passengers and in come cases governments have been demanding a bill of rights to protect customers when flying around the world. This is in huge response to the February issues with the airlines in the northeast. Hopefully the market will drive this, but maybe the government should step in.

DC-9's Are Gone

FINALLY!!! Northwest Airlines is going to speed up the retirement of the DC-9. These were great aircraft a few years ago, but are really outdated. They are replacing the DC-9 with the CRJ-900 and ERJ-175 that hold 76 passengers. There is also talk of another 100 passenger type aircraft entering the fleet, if they don't merge in the coming weeks.

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