Thursday, January 10, 2008

Saving Travel $$$$

Europe is expensive, domestic airfare are rising rapidly, so how do you still travel and save your budget? Head to South America, Central America, Africa, or Asia. You can still find some great deals for accomodation, food, and transportation in places like Thailand, Mexico, Belize, and South Africa.

I have traveled many times to Belize where they have a fixed currency with the US dollar. It is always 2 Belizean Dollars for every 1 US Dollar. These places can provide great economy. In Belize you can get a great meal (typically Red Beans, Rice, and Stewed Fish/Chicken) for only $5.00 BZD. That is $2.50 USD! Hotels out on Caye Caulker can be rented for as low as $70.00 BZD. And they might even have hot water!

So do some searching, you can still have a GREAT trip and not spend a fortune.

How to Travel Well on a Weak Dollar

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Chad said...

I love the picture of the red beans and rice! Call me crazy, but I would LOVE to try that. Loving your tips for traveling on a budget and doing "out of the way" kinds of things to really experience other locations. Nice job Nick!