Saturday, January 26, 2008

Solo Travel...Solo Dining...

I have done a vast majority of my traveling alone. I have done solo trips to Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Czech Republic, and to many states on the east coast of the United States. I love to travel alone. It is important that the people I travel with share the same values. Simple eating, simple accomodation, a simple life. I have been fortunate that my co-travelers have shared those values.

I have done a lot of travel alone. I LOVE it. I have often heard friends ask, "How can you eat by yourself?" "How can you go places alone?" I have found some of my best experiences traveling alone. Once, I was on my way to England via Dallas Fort Worth International and having a lunch at a T.G.I Fridays. I was sitting at the bar having a good meal when I looked over and David Letterman was with a group of guys getting some food. I made lots of glances over at him to confirm it was him. The traveler sitting next to me was asking if I thought it was David Letterman. I confirmed my suspicions. I got to chatting to the business traveler even more. I told him about my trip to England and Europe and that I had a long connection at DFW. He traveled to Europe and Asia several times a month and invited me to the Crown Club. He wanted to have a drink and had a free guest pass. We went to the desk, checked in. He showed me the elevator and left, he was on and earlier flight. I got free reign over complementary drinks, free internet, and free telephones. I started calling people and telling them about what was going on. I was freaking out. In a good way. Seeing David Letterman and getting into the Crown Club wouldn't have happened if I were with someone else.

How to Eat Alone

1. Bring a Book, Notepad, or journal
There have been hundreds of times when a good book kept me from going crazy waiting for a delay or in a restaurant.
2. Eat at the bar
Most restaurants will let you order food at the bar. This is a great way to have a new best friend (bartender) as well as talk with other solo travelers.
3. Find a Community Table
These are relatively new spots in lounges where solo travelers can sit with others

Solo dining can be great, so try it!

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

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