Saturday, January 26, 2008

Travel Tips when Flying

There are ways to make travel via airplane more enjoyable and simple:

1. Remember Your Lot
Take a picture of your car, or write down the level and location where you are parked. I can't tell you the number of times I was looking like an idiot for my car at the airport parking ramp.

2. Use the Toilet
Airplane toilets are disgusting. And you don't want to be holding up a line on the way to the bathroom so use the facilities before you leave.

3. Walk On By
If the flight isn't full (which rarely happens these days) be the last to board. You
will still get precious overhead space and you might find a better seat.

4. Check Bags at the Gate
If the flight looks crazy full, check your bags at the gate. The person checking in the flight can help you out so you know it will be on that plane. I have actually done this before on a Northwest flight in Minneapolis. It works GREAT!

5. Bring Earplugs
They drown out airplane noise and chatty Ken or Kathy sitting next to you. I have heard that airline crews believe they are the worlds greatest inventions.

6. Layer It
Wear lots of layers. The airplane will either be too hot or too cold, never just right.

7. BYO
Face it, there isn't any food on airplanes unless you are going international or first class. If you have a special diet, or need other things (like diapers) don't expect the airline to help you out.

8. Safety in the Lav
Full of bacteria the lavatory is a dangerous place. Remember to always wear shoes, don't try the squat (use the stool protectors), and when leaving, use a paper towel to open the door. That way you won't get sick or some creepy bacteria.

9. Backup
Your computer battery won't work for an entire flight (unless it is short) so bring a book or magazine to make your flight better and more occupied.

10. Learn to Love Lotion
It helps make you feel fresh. Keeps the airplane dryness from becoming a problem. And if you put a little bit under your nose they smelly person next to you might smell like roses.

11. Deplane Calmly
If you don't have to connect, sit tight and wait for a good time to deplane. You will only be waiting for your bags.

12. Keep a Positive Attitude
Think of nice anecdotes, quotes, or cliches to make the travel seem more enjoyable.

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