Thursday, January 10, 2008

Travel Savings...In England

The media has most people believing that you can't travel in Europe without a small fortune. That could partly be the case. Yesterday, when I booked a hostel in Germany for our February trip it cost !35.00 EUR. That isn't bad, except when I looked it is actually $203.00 WOW...But there are deals, and one of them highlight in USA Today made me smile.

The Lake District in Northern England is very well traveled by those in the U.K. Sometimes it is referred to as the redneck part of the kingdom. I LOVED the area. I was there in September of 2004 to visit friends who live in the area. I saw some of the Beatrix Potter areas, hiked around beautiful Lake Windemere, and had a blast with my pals.

It is a great area to visit. The people are very warm, and if you are lucky you won't see a ton of out-of-towners. Here is the link to the story and some pictures from my visit:

USA Today Escapes Under $500.00

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