Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Taupo History

It's official, I have a job! I started last night working at the Millenium Hotel here in Taupo. This means until the end of March I will be in the Central Plateau of the North Island. I have been very lucky to find a place to live and meet some Kiwi friends.

Taupo History

The Maori Chief Tamatea-arikinui visited the area and thought there wasn't anything below. It was mainly due to the volcanic nature of the area. He first called it Tapuaeharuru, meaning Resounding Footsteps. Originally, the area was a strategic military base with Europeans settling it in the late 1860's. The Maori's sold the land in the 1870's and Taupo began its growth from a village of 750 to a place with around 25,000 residents and even more visitors.

The major iwi (tribe) of the region is the Tuwharetoa (To-Fare-e-Toa) which still has a high chief. The current ariki is Tupu Te HeuHeu.

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Naked Workshops said...

Hey, Nick!
I just caught up with your other blog today and saw that you're now traveling a bit - good for you, brother! Congrats on the new job!

I'm just back from a week in the UK, myself.

Keep up the posts on the blog. I'll be watching.