Monday, November 03, 2008

Did You Vote for Obama?

When people meet me on the street, and hear my accent about the third question they ask me is “Did you vote for Obama?” I of course always say yes. To give you a bit of history, when I did a working holiday in Australia, things were a bit different. It was 2002-2003 the run-up and subsequent war with Iraq. There were protests all over Australia about their involvement. 70% of Australians, were against the war at the time. The protests often were often violent, and I was often scared to admit I was American after several people pointed to me as the reason George Bush was causing the war. How things have changed after 5 years.

This time things are very different. The international people I have met are most interested in Obama. They are scared of John McCain, and even more scared of Sarah Palin. They want America to have someone other than a white man as President, and someone who has a different view of the world than the current administration.

I have yet to meet someone other than an old American man that are for John McCain. The international people I have met are also frightened that America will show its true colors and not end up voting for Obama, a signal of racism.

While I could have lots of heated discussions with my family about Obama, once I started travel I realized how important my vote is. There is so much influence America has on the rest of the world, something you can only see when traveling. I believe the world is ready for a new direction, and possibly a new revolution. The world is tired of being scared of attack, it is fed up with greed, it is tired of a country, President, party, or individual shouting how to live. The rest of the world is as hungry for change as much as I am. Maybe Obama will totally tank, maybe he will be regarded as one of our greatest Presidents if he gets elected.

I don’t think some Americans know how important their vote is. While you might not agree with Obama or McCain, take the decision seriously, and know the affects it has on the entire world.

Good luck Obama, I will be praying for you!

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