Monday, November 03, 2008

New Mates...

When traveling, it is important to find friends. Often you will have a short relationship with people that are in your hostel room or hostel. So far, I have become fast friends with Zoe, Russ, and Cam. But, it is very important to also have some longer lasting friendships.

When I was in Aussie, I met some great friends, and still have many I chat with on a regular basis. I have finally met some new mates, and they are making the international transition so much easier. David and Braden have been completely hospitable to me. They have taken me out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have had a drink. We have been out on the boat. They let me drive their car (which is interesting on the left side of the road). They gave me a bed and some linens.

During the day, they run a great little internet cafĂ© that also has some great coffees. If you didn’t know, New Zealanders are coffee snobs.

So, meet David and Braden. Thank you gentlemen for everything!

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