Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Kevin Gooch is the sunscreen police. He has seen me endure (and complain) about the pain it has caused so many parts of my body. Well, I was proud to say I have taken his advice and bought a big tube of SPF 30+ sunscreen. I bought it because I wanted to spend some time out on the beach (which is only 500m) near my flat. Last Friday, the weather was stunning, so I went out with 2 books, the sunscreen, and my towel.

When I arrived and found a good spot, I carefully put the cream on my body, hoping not to miss any spots. As I have said before, it is easier to burn here than any other part of the world. I was planning to spend 2 hours at the beach, and I did.

Later that evening at work, I was in some pain behind my knees. I took a look, and they were so red, and in a spot that sees so much movement. I thought, crap, the one spot that has so much use, is causing me so much pain. It was a deep red and incredibly burnt.

Well, it is feeling much better, the pain is gone, the redness has left, and I have beautiful brown tans behind my knees.

I won’t again forget that part of my body.

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