Friday, December 19, 2008

Scattered Thoughts...

- It is really funny seeing my parents trying to learn how to use their new Mac and Skype.

- I have been laughing about a comedy sketch I saw. Can you imagine a big Maori guy saying "Sweet As Bro" in a high pitched voice.

- I have only seen 4 Christmas trees since I have arrived, and no lights on the outside of homes. Strange.

- Work has been playing a lot of Christmas music. I am so tired of hearing WAM singing "Last Christmas."

- I went out last night, way, way, way too much booze.

- I am not liking the exchange rate, it isn't doing me any favors.

- United is pissing me off. They still haven't posted an Air New Zealand flight that will put me back in the Premiere status.

- The Iowa family that was on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will be on TV here on Monday night.

- I love the song they use on Telecom NZ commercials, it is catchy.

- I booked a weekend trip to Auckland in January. The flight up was almost as cheap as going on the bus and about 4 hours less time.

- I have been doing a lot of travel research. My friend Livio in Italy has been really helpful with Europe, India, and Croatia stuff.

- I almost bought a car, but petrol wasn't in my budget

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