Monday, January 12, 2009

I Bought the Ticket...

Last week, one of my go-to destiations went on sale. I am going to Niue! I would guess most people have never heard of the country. But it is a small, Pacific Island just across the International Date Line from New Zealand.

There are only 1500 people that live on the island. Air New Zealand flies the 1 flight per week that goes here. I am so excited to go.

A few facts for you about Niue:
- There are less that 90 hotel rooms on the Island
- 19˚south of the Equator. It’s 2,200 km's northeast of New Zealand, 386 km's east of Tonga and 900 km's west of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.
- It rises no more than 69 m above sea level, and was exposed as a result of dropping sea levels in the last million years. It is protected from the direct effects of the sea by a terraced limestone reef with living coral just beneath sea level.
- The country is a stable parliamentary democracy and has 20 sitting Member's of Parliament, presided over by a Premier.

Niue Island Website

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